Sunday, September 7, 2008

One Sharp Knife

If you consider yourself a chef at heart, or perhaps you just like to cook, then you probably know how necessary a great set of knives are. And if you do like to cook, but you haven't had the pleasure of using a great set of knives, then I will say, with no hesitation, that you are definitely missing out. In the Green Guide's article "Outfitting the Green Kitchen," they suggest purchasing high carbon steel, which you can sharpen yourself. However, high carbon steel can also cost quite a chunk of change, depending on the brand and where you get them, so I would suggest putting them on your registry and crossing your fingers or start slowly by purchasing a few nice ones and then adding to the collection as time goes on.

pictures from Williams Sonoma


çiçekçi said...

paylaşım için çok teşekkürler / very very thankss

Amanda said...

Knives are the one thing we will register for that I really hope we get! Also, I just put up a yummy organic recipe using the Cooper Hill Pinot Gris. If you eat seafood you should definitely try it sometime!

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