Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eco-Venue: Viansa Winery

You don't have to be a wine enthusiast to appreciate a winery. In the case of Viansa, all you need is an appreciation of lovely, romantic views, old world Italian architecture, and if you are so inclined, a desire to experience good food and wine. Located in Sonoma, California, Viansa doors are open to all brides who wish to have their own wine country wedding. Their exclusive caterer, Sage Catering, provides a creative and organic menu with emphasis on presentation, flavor, and locally grown items. Also worth noting is Viansa's 90 acre waterfowl preserve, which you can overlook from the beautiful Tuscan Villa.

Since the property is so expansive, you can choose to have your wedding in a variety of places, inlcuding the Alta Mura tent, the wine cellar, or the courtyard. Personally, I love the old-world charm of the wine cellar (pictured below).

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