Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To walk or not to walk...

I like this photo. It's so gritty and romantic at the same time. Thinking about walking to your own wedding? You can now use Google maps to calculate the distance and time it will take for you to walk rather than drive. I think it's one darn neat feature, although I just found out it will take me an hour and a half to walk to the nearest grocery store. *sigh*...the pitfalls of rural suburbia.

photo by Dave Robbins


Anonymous said...

Denise Boston,Mass.

Caroline said...

I was really concerned about the carbon footprint that the flights my guests are taking would leave - almost everyone is flying in to the beach in Florida where my parents live. To help allieviate it at least a little, we rented two beach houses in which almost all of our guests are staying, and everything is within walking distance - daily activities, the ceremony, the reception, everything. Even the catering is being done right up the block and the food will be walked over.

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