Friday, July 25, 2008

Eco Venue: Riverside Farm

I think I'd like to start a series on wedding venues for the eco-conscious bride and groom. While browsing through photography blogs and websites, I have come across so many beautiful places for a bride and groom to have a wedding, I think it's only fair to share them here. What do you think? Maybe once a week or so?

In any case, here is one wedding I found via Stacy Kane and was absolutely mesmerized. It's just so picturesque.

Venue: Riverside Farm

Location: Pittsfield, VT

Why it's Eco-friendly: It's naturally beautiful, so you can won't have to fret about finding the perfect decorations. Plus, they'll help you select local and socially conscious vendors and they're only about 2 miles away from an organic vegetable farm. Veggie plates, anyone?

Stacy Kane

Extras: Check out the bride's guest blog at Frolic

I love her dress!

I'm not entirely sure what the English countryside looks like, but this picture sure reminds me of it.


S said...

Great pictures! The bride's blog has lots of eye candy :) Thanks for sharing it!

Chelsea said...

Hi! Frolic is actually my blog but lovely Elisabeth has been my guest blogger on several occasions. Doesn't the wedding look fantastic??!

Noaki Jewelry said...

Just lovely (sigh)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for clearing that up Chelsea. Her wedding was just beautiful! I'll make that correction asap.

Michelle said...

Wow, I'd truly appreciate an eco-venue entry everyone once in a while. Still trying to pin down a place to have both a wedding ceremony with an outdoorsy-but-indoor-option-to-dine reception somewhere on the water between RI and CT. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line! wildseed at yahoo dot com.

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