Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quick Update

Well, I've had an exciting past couple of days. I made a brief trip up to to NYC to visit the National Stationery Show in NYC and had the pleasure of meeting up with Josey and Anne from Ivillage, my eco-wedding expert home. My brain is kind of fried for the time being folks so I'm keepin' it kind of simple. Below you'll find a few pictures of vendors at the National Stationery Show, found via Design Sponge (visit the site for an array of beautiful eye candy from the show.) In the coming months I shall be unveiling a few things I found there which I think will make great additions to the site, but first I must sort through the 5 inch pile of information, notes, and brochures I managed to accrue while I was there! I'll be back on Tuesday!

Enjoy Your Long Weekend!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog..I was featured on Eco Chic blogs! I will post your blog on my new wedding blog!
Denise, Boston

Jennifer said...

Thanks Couture de papier! You have a beautiful blog, thank you for sharing it with us!

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