Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Bits

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I did! I had a fabulous time at the Inman Park Festival here in Atlanta and was very excited to see some very "green" sponsors in the parade!

On another note, I thought I'd share with you something I came across a few days ago. Now, first I'd like to be honest with you my dear, fellow readers. I consider myself a very environmentally conscious person. I daydream of living in the country, growing my own vegetables, and baking all day while my kids run around barefoot in the gigantic backyard. But alas...I have my vices. Shoes! I found where I was inundated with shoes...glorious shoes! On the upside, you can refine your search by material, which can help narrow it down to somewhat earth friendly.

This could be a problem folks...

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