Thursday, February 28, 2008

A "green" find in my book!

Cute, cute, cute! Handmade silk guest books , by Kata Golda, are covered in letterpress printed designs and feature exposed stitching. Although the environmental impact of silk is in question, the hand crafted aspect helps pull it through as a "green" find. Just lovely!


Anonymous said...

we love these books at our store as well, and not only is it a 'green' find, it is also handmade, with love, by a one woman operation in Washington state. and it's something you'd want to hang on to and use for the rest of your married life together, it's not so wedding specific.

alissa said...

The blue one is our guest book! I'm sooo excited to get it. We had actually thought about not having a guest book, until I found this one and started drooling:)

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