Friday, August 17, 2007

Earth Friendly Invitations!

On this Friday, I leave all of you with the gorgeous invitations of Oblation Papers and Press. Their simple, yet elegant designs are such a delight to the eye. Oblation specializes in custom letterpress wedding invitations and baby announcements. Are they earth friendly, you ask? Why, yes! They are! Letterpress by default is somewhat more earth friendly when it comes to custom wedding invitations than traditional offset printing because it produces less waste. But also, Oblation uses 100% cotton paper produced from remnants of the garment industry. Pretty nifty, eh?
Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

indeed very gorgeous invitations
i saw your blog . you created avery nice blog with a unique idea

Anonymous said...

hi jen,
i used oblation for my 2005 wedding invites and they were beautiful!
they have some really nice designs, and it's so nice that they do letterpress too.

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