Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Great Blog Coming at Ya!

You didn't think my blog tag post was going to be the only post of the day, did you? I wanted to share with you an awesome new blog, Zzilch, from Thryn over at Wedlog. Zzilch is all about eco friendly, ethical, and sustainable design and inspiration. I hope I'm not creating blogger sin by featuring another blog's post, but I thought this would be a good read for the eco conscious bride-to-be. Thryn has written about some great stuff, including these glass vases from Artecnica. You could most certainly use these to complement more modern wedding decor. Click here to check out her post.


laissezfaire said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful blog! I love wedding inspirations. Will definitely be visiting regularly and will try to get round to responding to your blog tag soon! tata!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, thanks so much for posting about my new blog!!

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