Monday, July 9, 2007

Earth Friendly Chachkis!

I forgot how I came across, but I've had it in my list of favorite links for a while. I was immediately smitten with the designer's use of color and her ability to take found fabrics and recycled materials and turn them into the sweetest little chachki's. In the photo above, I've included some items I thought would make great little bridesmaid's gifts, parent's gifts, or even a little something extra for the out of town guests. On the right are one of a kind pins made from scraps of fabric in their studio. The bottom photo is a compilation of items they offer and on the left are little cozies to hold those little packets of tissues. And let's face it, we know your Aunt Rita is going to need a whole boatload of tissues once she sees you walking down the aisle. Visit here :)

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